Service Information

The Center offers routine Low Resolution (LR) and High Resolution (HR) analyses with EI, CI and ESI ionization modes. Every effort is made to maintain a turnaround time of one week dated from receipt of the sample at the Center. Be forewarned that sending samples by parcel post can entail 1-2 weeks of shipping time which is not included in this analysis time. Special arrangements can be made for critical samples. To save time, data can be faxed to the submitter if requested.

Typically, LR samples are run on either Monday or Tuesday followed by HR samples later in the week. To be entered in the week's queue, we must receive your sample by Monday morning and preferably by Thursday or Friday of the week before. It should be noted that these schedules will be limited by instrument availability.

Samples should be submitted in 1 mg quanitities in either a glass or polypropylene container with a conical inner volume. Click here for an example of a proper vial available from Alltech. The vial should be clearly marked with a sample ID (16 characters or less, please). A completed sample submission form must accompany each sample and is available in Adobe format. If you need the free Adobe reader, click here.

Please complete the form as completely as possible and take care to accurately compute the molecular formulas. Incorrect computation of the formula is a common reason for non-matches to the acquired spectrum. Precious samples, such as those from biological sources, can be submitted in smaller amounts. Please contact the Center to discuss the best method to submit these types of samples.